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Explore the depths wherever your adventures take you! Whether it’s the icy embrace of a cold-water dive in a drysuit, the warm serenity of tropical reefs in a swimsuit, the mysterious allure of underwater caves and wrecks, or the controlled environment of a swimming pool, we dive anywhere and everywhere. What’s your next challenge for us?


Wehrle Video boasts an impressive array of professional diving certifications, reflecting our commitment to safety, excellence, and continuous learning in the underwater filming industry. Here are the key certifications that underline our expertise:

  • PADI Divemaster (1998): Certified as a Divemaster, equipped to oversee diving operations and assist divers in training.
  • PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (since 2000): Trained to teach a variety of specialties and advanced diving techniques to upcoming divers.
  • IANTD Nitrox Diver (since 1998): Specialized in using enriched air nitrox for longer bottom times and increased safety margins.
  • IANTD Technical Cave Diver (since 2000): Expert in navigating underwater caves, emphasizing the stringent safety protocols required in overhead environments.
  • IANTD Advanced Nitrox Instructor (2003): Qualified to instruct divers in the use of higher oxygen mixes, crucial for deep and technical dives.
  • IANTD Full Trimix Diver (2010): Trained to dive using trimix, allowing for safer deep dives by reducing nitrogen narcosis and oxygen toxicity.
  • IANTD Rebreather Cave Diver: Specialized in using rebreathers in cave diving, enhancing underwater efficiency and minimizing environmental impact.
  • Rebreather Trimix Diver: Certified to perform deep trimix dives using a rebreather, reaching depths up to 120 meters.
  • IANTD Gas Blender: Skilled in blending gases for diving, including oxygen handling with booster pumps for nitrox and trimix mixtures.

These certifications not only demonstrate our technical proficiency and dedication to advancing our skills but also ensure that every underwater project we undertake meets the highest standards of safety and quality. Whether exploring the depths of oceanic wonders or navigating the complex passages of underwater caves, our extensive training guarantees that Wehrle Video delivers exceptional and safe underwater videography services.


Diving deep into the world of underwater photography, I equip myself with the best. My personal favorite is the rebreather for its extended dive times and minimal environmental disturbance. However, for more compact scenarios I readily switch to open circuit or just a snorkel.

When it comes to capturing the underwater magic, I use a variety of top-tier equipment:

  • Nauticam Housing paired with a Netflix-approved Canon C70 for outstanding video quality.
  • Scubacam Housing for the ARRI Alexa and other large-format cameras, ensuring professional-grade footage.
  • Splashbags and a diverse selection of other housings to adapt to different shooting conditions and camera types.

With this gear, I’m ready to document the underwater world in all its glory, whether it’s a colorful reef or a mysterious shipwreck.


Wehrle Video’s captivating underwater documentaries and features have garnered international recognition and can be viewed across a variety of prestigious platforms. Here’s where you can dive into our world:

  • Film Festivals: Our films have been showcased at several renowned international film festivals, celebraated for their stunning visuals and in-depth storytelling.
  • Television: Catch our features on major networks including NBC, where we bring the mysteries of the deep to a broad audience.
  • Streaming Services: Our work is also available on Amazon Prime, allowing viewers from around the globe to stream our documentaries at their convenience.
  • Additional Platforms: We frequently collaborate with various TV programs and media outlets, expanding our reach to diverse audiences interested in marine exploration and environmental documentaries.

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming screenings, new releases, and exclusive behind-the-scenes content by following us on our social media channels and visiting our website regularly.