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At Wehrle Video, we specialize in underwater filmmaking. Our aim is to bring the unseen stories of the deep to the surface. Our films are more than visual feats; they are journeys into the heart of the ocean’s mysteries. We capture the awe of the aquatic world through the lens of a seasoned diver and filmmaker. Join us as we explore the depths, revealing the beauty and the challenges of the underwater frontier.

Crafting visual stories that dive deep into the unknown, Wehrle Video merges the thrill of exploration with the art of filmmaking.

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WW2 The shipwrecks of truk lagoon

A wreck diving in Truk Lagoon
A wreck diving in Truk Lagoon



Highlighted here are several prestigious awards I’ve earned, a testament to my dedication and passion for underwater filmmaking, which has not only fulfilled my artistic pursuits but has also become my livelihood.